We offer clients an opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding of their brand, product or service by providing social media analysis reports. Social media analysis reports explain what your audience is talking about you, monitor current campaign activity, and shape strategic marketing decisions.

Highlights of our services include target audience analysis on Facebook and Twitter, target audience segmentation development, integrated marketing communication plan, and so on. 

Our Services



We provide consumer insight, market and industry research to help you discover existing and new connections.


We track hashtags, conversations, and keywords. Quickly see how people are talking about you and analyze influencers of your brand, product or service. 


We provide data mining and visualization, which presented raw data in a straightforward by using graphic data software such as Gephi, R, Tableau, and NodeXL.

  • Showcase:

    Integrated Marketing Communication Proposal: The Campaign to Market Paint Bar


    The Paint Bar, located in Boston’s Back Bay, has generated a consumer base of around 140 per day with a small ad in Boston Magazine and Improper Bostonian. It has an online presence on Facebook and Yelp.


    We developed an Integrated Marketing Communication’s campaign to reposition Paint Bar as very fun, trendy and social experience. The IMC plan provided media choice consideration and advertising decisions based on the consumer insight, market and industry research, and interviews with our client.

  • Showcase:

    Social Media Data Analysis Report: Analyzing Southwest Airlines’ Tweets to Improve Brand’s Online Presence


    Southwest Airlines, one of the first airlines to create social media accounts, has been on Twitter since July 2007.

    The report examined what and how their customers discuss Southwest Airlines on Twitter sphere by analyzing tweets written in the calendar year of 2017 that used the hashtags #SouthwestAir or #SouthwestHeart. The report analyzed data through running R and SPSS tools.

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