We’ve pioneered branding and digital marketing strategies that connect to consumers, broadened markets, strengthened market position for local enterprises, and assisted Chinese brands to expand into the U.S. market. Our clients include local and international corporations in industries as varied as small and mid-size business, agencies and commercial companies, as well as governments and NGOs.

Our team leverage traditional media and digital media formats to bring brand in the forefront. We provide integrated brand promotion activities, including public relation planning, advertising, direct marketing, video production, and publicity. We explore the following media platforms that we can use to promote client’s brand and capture the attention of the targeted audience.

Our Services


Offline Brand Promotion:

We understand the importance of promotion to company and brand. Combined with our skills and resources, we launch the following offline brand promotion services.

  • Posters, brochures

  • Event planning of conferences, networking events

  • Video production

  • Nasdaq billboard in Times Square

  • Newspaper, magazine

  • 6600 taxis advertising across 6 cities in the United States

Online Brand Promotion Using Digital Marketing

We focus on designing, creating and establishing online branding presence using digital marketing. We launch the following online brand promotion services.

  • Setting up a business website

  • Site optimization using SEO

  • Paid advertisement using PPC

  • Direct mailing using E-Mail marketing

  • Promotion using press releases via Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, the Wall Street Journal, CNN and other mainstream media

Online Brand Promotion Using Social Media

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of our brand promotion services. We understand how to utilize the social channels to earn massive brand attention. We launch the following online brand promotion services using social media.

  • Brand page creation on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • Promotional videos on YouTube